10 Amazing Eggs Life Hacks And Edible Tricks


Mr.Hacker is a sensational youtube channel which provides hacks in terms of everyday life. Most of the videos produced in this channel are of vivid quality and once you start yo watch the videos you will soon come to a realization of the things that you were doing in a way that was not time-saving.

Once you start the video you will be instantly hooked and you will surely subscribe to his channel.Basically, the video revolves around the manipulation of eggs how you can manipulate them and use them to make them more tasteful. Either by cooking them with onions, eggs or even bread.

In the first part, he shows us how to monitor the eggs on their age and quality through the means of water where the older eggs tend to float on the water as for the newer ones they remain at the bottom.

After that, we look into how we can peel off the cells of the boiled eggs either by hitting it on the top or bottom or by just cutting it with a knife and peeling the egg out with a spoon. As soon as this action stops, we dwell into how we can cook the eggs that are either by making a circle with an onion or cutting down the capsicum from the middle and then frying them both and filling the inner space in the onion and capsicum with the egg fillings.

So, let’s watch the video which will truly provide you with far greater knowledge regarding eggs and how to cook them. You can share this with your friends and family members.




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