Top 5+ Tattoo Artists To Look Out For In 2017


Tattoos are forms of body modification where one uses various means of designs to illustrate art and memory in their body. In the current age, most people aspire to stand out so, they embed Tattoos in their body which either illustrates their interest for instance one might like a band so, he/she will get a tattoo which depicts the interest in the band. There are millions of people inhabiting planet earth and they posses different interest and they will imprint those tattoos depending on their preferences.

Today, we will look at the various illustrations made by Tattoo artists from different parts of the world inheriting different types of art.

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#1 Solar powered crystals tattoo with a hatching dragon skeleton | Junko Osaki

Inked by Junko Osaki.

#2 On My Mind | Tayfun Bezgin

Inked by Tayfun Bezgin.

#3 A window to tropical paradise | Zihee

Inked by Zihee.

#4 “LUST” | Leo Gavaggio

Inked by Leo Gavaggio.

#5 Take Me Out From Routine | Matteo Nangeroni

Inked by Matteo Nangeroni.


#6 AD Pancho’s tattoo “Aging Skin” | Alex “AD” Pancho

Inked by AD Pancho

#7 Japanese landscape within Totoro silhouette | Royal Jafarov

Inked by by Royal Jafarov


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