Artist Documented The Progression Of Her Rare Disease In Heartbreaking Illustration

Have you ever heard of people who were fit and were able to perform physical tasks but due to a rare disease ended up not being able to perform even the most basic of tasks. Well, it is time you did, one must spread awareness regarding these sort of illnesses.

Today, we are going to spread awareness about the Orphan disease, the artist who drew all of the illustrations suffers from the rare disease called Orphan disease.The rare disease affects one to three thousand people around the world. The artist was physically fit, she could do all the normal things which one can do like walk, play games but now she is in a wheelchair and fears one day she will be immobile and won’t be able to draw. So, please do spread awareness about the Orphan disease.

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#1 It’ll Be Alright

It'll Be Alright

#2 I Don’t Want To Be An Inspiration Today

I Don’t Want To Be An Inspiration Today

#3 Daydreaming


#4 Please Don’t Leave Me

Please Don’t Leave Me

#5 The Waves Of Life

The Waves Of Life


#6 Better Days Are Ahead

Better Days Are Ahead

#7 Dreams Of Having A Child

Dreams Of Having A Child

#8 Oneiros (The Monster Lurking In The Trees)

Oneiros (The Monster Lurking In The Trees)

#9 Cycle Of Life

Cycle Of Life

#10 Uncomfortable Situations

Uncomfortable Situations

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