Most Bizarre & Weirdest Shoes In The World

There are different kinds of shoes out there. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and they are made from different materials. The preference of a shoe varies from one to other. Several brands make shoes of different shapes and sizes and different colors some tend to be really vibrant and attractive while others will leave us scratching our heads.

Here, are some of the most eye-popping and head scratching footwears.

#1 You never know when you might need a slingshot

#2 Watch out! big foot 

#3  A cool pair to own.

#4 For all the chickens out there 

#5 Would love to brush them


#6 The Octo-Heel

#7 An artistic shoe

#8 Would love to own a pair of these

#9 Perfect for winter

#10 Would you put yourself in her shoes

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