30 Crazy Japanese Inventions,You Never Knew Existed

Japan is also known as the land of rising sun, it is prominent for being one of the few countries which are technologically advanced but in this article, you will see that the country can sometimes come up with ideas which might just raise few eyebrows.

In this post, we are literally going to look at what inventions did the inventors residing in Japan conjured from unseen pencil sharpeners, umbrella ties to hug pillows.

#1 Booty Pencil Sharpener


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The concept looks nice but kids won’t be the ones getting them.

#2 When you feel too tired to stand up

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We all have had those tiresome days.

#3 Wedding countdown bra

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When you just can’t wait for that special moment.

#4 Umbrella tie

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When you don’t want to carry an umbrella, instead you want to hang it in your neck.

#5 The umbrella which will keep you completely dry from rain

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When an umbrella just won’t do!!

#6 The perks of having a baby

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When you are a genius.

#7 Lipstick stencil

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When you want to apply the lipstick perfectly.

#8 Splash protector (which will keep your hair safe from splashes)

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When you just can’t resist a splash on your clothes.

#9 All sounds catch! Cubic Pillow

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For all the couch potatoes out there.

#10 Mute mic

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