20+ Famous Cartoon Movies Doppelganger In Real Life

Cartoon are one of the few aspects of our lives to which we can go back to. As kids mostly all of us used to adore watching cartoons they bring out past memories among us and for the newer generation they plant new memories. So, if you adore watching cartoons or have even watched a series you might find some resemblance here or might have met these people in real life as well.

So here is the list of people who resemble our beloved cartoon characters.


Rediit-Carl from the movie Up


cameragirlsp- Granny from looney tunes


neatorama.com-Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille


smosh.com-Russell from up


yayomg.com- The cat looks like the dragon toothless



Imgur: Mr Burns in flesh


caprichosdeayame.com- Boo from Monsters, Inc.


Imgur: Edna ‘E’ Mode from The Incredibles


hamsternose- A batman lookalike


superfunnyimages.com-Johnny Bravo lookalike

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