30+ Funny Acts Of Vandalism That Will Make Your Day

Being optimistic and creative are some of the most amazing traits one can possess. If you have such traits, one can look at the mix-ups in life straight in the eye and move forward.

So, here are some images which exemplify the advantages of being creative and optimistic. Vandalism is a wrongful act and no one should convey such acts. We all have different types of capabilities if used to its fullest extent it will only yield optimum returns.

#1 A little bit of creation adds a lot to even the mundane stuff

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#2 When you are a fan of the Cars movie

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#3 This was epic

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#4 An artistic way to look at things

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#5 Do not touch the dandelion

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#6 An homage to Bruce Lee

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#7 An homage to the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

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#8 Thinking out of the box ( An homage to Pac-Man)

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#9 “Heeere’s Johnny!” ( An homage to the movie “The Shining”)

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#10 Matrix fans will understand 

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