Then & Now Pics Of Most Gorgeous 90’s Crushes

We all have had those moments when we had a crush on a certain celebrity. If you are a 90′ s kid then, you will probably recognize them and most of you might have had a crush on them. For those, who don’t recognize these celebs from the 90’s, there are a few who have been prominent in the present day as well.

Today, we are going to look at then and now pics of gorgeous celebrities, which will either make you recall the past when you had a crush on them or it will reignite your crush after you have seen their present pics. Let us know in the comment section which celeb did you recognize.

#1 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

#2 Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer

#3 Christina Applegate

 Christina Applegate

#4 Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

#5 Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra


#6 Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar

#7 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

#8 Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer

#9 Lucy Lawless

 Lucy Lawless

#10 Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear

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