20+ Brilliant Test Answers From Smartass Kids


The relationship between the student and teacher must be clear as water in order for the student to learn adequately from the teacher. One should always remain vigilant and keen to learn and the other should always be eager to teach.

Here, are some of the truly innocent and witty kids who have answered questions prior to their understanding.

#1 Name the objects

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#2 Technically, that is correct

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#3 When your kid watches too many kids movie 

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#4 Wait… what..?

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#5 Ha!Ha parenting at its finest

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#6 For all the Wolverine fans out there 

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#7 Which school does he go to..?

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#8 Innocence at its best 

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#9 The third one seems feasible 

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#10 Level: Smart-ass 

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