This Guy Photoshops Famous Cartoons Characters Into His Travel Pictures, And Its Hilarious

Imagine what would it be like if all of your beloved childhood cartoon characters existed in real life. It sure would be amazing. As a kid, I would watch a lot of cartoons and shows. If given the choice I would probably want the characters from Pokémon.

Today, we are going to look at the works of two friends who work together at a lifestyle brand called RNDM Designs and create a mix of illustrations with cartoon characters from their childhood in various locations from all around the globe.

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#1 Homer (Beirut, Lebanon)

Homer (Beirut, Lebanon)

#2 Gru (Batroun, Lebanon)

Gru (Batroun, Lebanon)

#3 Mowgly (Saidon, Lebanon)

Mowgly (Saidon, Lebanon)

#4 Ursula (Aswan, Egypt)

Ursula (Aswan, Egypt)

#5 Little Mermaid (Ko Tao, Thailand)

Little Mermaid (Ko Tao, Thailand)


#6 Homer (Batroun, Lebanon)

Homer (Batroun, Lebanon)

#7 Scooby Doo (Cairo, Egypt)

Scooby Doo (Cairo, Egypt)

#8 Hercules (Byblos, Lebanon)

Hercules (Byblos, Lebanon)

#9 Cinderella (Cairo, Egypt)

Cinderella (Cairo, Egypt)

#10 Jessica Rabbit (Batroun, Lebanon)

Jessica Rabbit (Batroun, Lebanon)

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