Movies Which Intrigued Me, From The Perspective Of Nostalgia


Hi, everybody how is everyone doing, I hope everyone is doing okay. Today, I thought why don’t we do something apart and different. So, today we are gonna list out some random movies which I have seen that have stuck to my head but do keep in mind most movies might be from the same director or even might be from the same genre.

I am not a movie buff but I like watching movies but some days I do not watch movies till the end. I think I don’t watch movies fully ’cause well I read an article somewhere, about the completion theory basically what the theory said was we as human beings aspire for completion but I don’t recall where I read it from.

So enough of my jibber jabber let’s have a look at the movies,

#1. The Royal Tenenbaums


I remember watching this movie when I was young, I was skipping through different movies then I found this gem. At that moment, it did not make any sense to me but soon after I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox which made me want to look at the other works of the director, I found out this movie was from the same director and the score(movie soundtrack) in this movie was brilliant. The way it was shot is one of the major things which attracted me towards it. It looks visually stunning especially the colors and fonts used in the movie and the only few characters whose name I can recall at the moment is Royal and Eli Cash.

#2. Waltz with Bashir


Just to make everything clear, I have not watched this movie till the end. The music used in this movie is just brilliant. The way the movie has been animated is eye-catching. The story is compelling as well, when I watched this movie I was intrigued by the attention to details. In addition, to it all the soundtrack made me come back for more. A masterpiece is better left incomplete or I might watch it till the end at some point of time.

#3.The Darjeeling Limited


When I watched this movie I was hooked on the works of Wes Anderson, his way of telling a story is completely mesmerizing plus the choice of music is good, it is through this movie I found new artists to listen to and I knew the importance of music in one’s life when I heard a song from this movie. I automatically used to picture myself in a dynamic scene where the music suits me and that is saying a lot plus Bill Murray is in it as well.

#4.Spirited Away 


When watching this movie, I was hooked on it. The visual scenes in this movie are amazing you can never anticipate what will happen next, what will happen to her parents, what happened to the bridge will all remain a mystery , it is a good movie to watch with vivid artworks, some parts of the movie left me stuck to the screen.The art of storytelling here is truly, is at its utmost best and I will probably watch it again when I feel like it.

#5. Pulp Fiction


We as human beings tend to communicate a lot through the use of speech, most movies I have watched do not primarily focus on the means of speech I am not saying that it  is a bad thing sometimes words can be expressed through expressions and actions as well but as I watched this movie I felt like I was present there with the characters as they spoke with one another every scene was brilliant from the beginning until the end. This is a great movie, the thing which made it great for me was the cast they all did a magnificent work. In addition to it all, every scene had some great conversations, it was humorous as well which made me smile and laugh throughout the scenes. As I watched the movie I was happy, it was that good.

There are a lot of movies, very few which stick to my mind some tend to be great movies while others might not but it truly depends on the individual who is watching.

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