Symbolic Paintings By A Modern Artist ” El Gato Chimney “


El Gato Chimney is a self-taught artist who is based in Milan, Italy. His paintings are surreal to watch. For an observer, it truly depends on the eye of the beholder how one interprets the paintings. Most of his artwork is filled with vibrant colors and artistic pallets and characters from the realm of known and unknown.

When one views it one might think of his work, as an homage to storytelling but if one will view his paintings one will not just remain as a passive observer but will surely decipher his paintings as an active user, creating their stories in their head full of creativity. His artwork truly entices creativity.

Furthur Information: El Gato Chimney | Instagram Website


NForgotten Roads(2015) by El Gato Chimney

An amazing artwork reminds me of the crane and the child story.


Against-The-Grain(2017) by El Gato Chimney

If you ponder over you will find various interpretations, for instance, it is stating the modern dilemma of the human nature.


Prospective(2015) by El Gato Chimney

Change is inevitable, what is mine today will be yours tomorrow.


Tra Amici(2014) by El Gato Chimney

Don’t let the puppeteer, pull your strings.


My Black Heart(2014) by El Gato Chimney


One’s heart is innocent, it is time and situation which will cage the bird.


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