The Things That We Tell Ourselves

Ever had those days when you did not want to get out of bed. I have had those days and I loathed every moment when I was not able to get out of bed. The thing with those kinds of days is that they take a toll on us. I knew something was not right and it had to be sorted out.

It was taking me a bit longer to see what was weighing me down, then one day I came to a realization that enough was enough and I had an epiphany which was that I had to look for answers to solve the problem at hand. During my search, I pondered and looked for answers everywhere then I read some nifty articles it led me to enlightenment and then I was able to finally connect the dots, things started to make more sense. The thing that had been stopping me from waking up early was the things that I said to myself, like for instance when the alarm would go off I would say to myself just a few more minutes and you can get up that was not good. Yesterday, before going to bed I said to myself enough was enough and things I was telling myself was wrong so in the darkness of the bedroom I plotted a plan to wake up early by instilling a thought into my head that said;

If you don’t wake up early in the morning and don’t do the things you always wanted to do then you will always be stuck at the same junction in life

Those powerful thoughts gave me the push I needed those are the things I said to myself and now here I am awake early in the morning finishing up this article. We all have it in us, the things that we tell ourselves and the beliefs that we hold within us define us and we have the power to change what we believe and what we want to pursue in life. At first, it will be hard, it will take some time getting used to it however once you become a creature of habit everything will follow.


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