The Train Of Thought Continues


I guess you guys are now aware of the dilemma that I have been having in my life. The thing is that I had to decide between two jobs. The one that I have is the one with which I have the most experience as for the other it is a completely different profession.

The thing about life and money is that you hear almost everyone saying money does not matter, however, money is power and it matters to an extent. I used to think the same as well money did not matter that much then, I came to a harsh realization that it mattered and I had to make sure I had enough. Sure, I could become a sage and forsake the rest of the world but that is not the path that I wanna take. I was haunted by a lot of questions then I decided to seek answers. I found plenty of answers and almost all of them had a common theme that was we should pay ourselves first before we pay anyone else meaning we should take care of ourselves first, both financially and spiritually.

Random Interesting PictureWhen I was young and naive I did not want to read books, I did not want to pay attention to what others had to say but as I grew older I yearned to learn more, I wanted to get more insight on the workings of the world and beyond. As I progressed, I came to a realization that time is precious, it should not be wasted.

Now you might be thinking how will this help me well the answer is simply to pay yourself first after doing that you will slowly start to see changes. Living under your means is a key here, you will start to appreciate the little things that matter in life.


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