Waking Up Early In The Morning

Waking up earlier in the morning is never easy. I like the concept of waking up early in the morning but I am unable to do that at this point in my life.  At first, I used to be able to do that now all I do is hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

One might think that it can be done without any effort but trust me it takes a lot of effort and it seems that I am not the only one who suffers from this sort of difficulty. The small wins in life output a path to greatness, we just have to keep that in mind. A few things I am willing to try to wake up early in the morning is setting up a proper sleep time, using the 5second rule where I count backward from 5 until I wake up.

Random PicdumpWe are all creatures of habit and to make it a habit we must all endure, there are a lot of benefits to waking up early in the morning, Those benefits are very beneficial like you can get a lot of  work done, the first few hours of the morning are the best key hours to gain knowledge. The benefits are in a large number and I want to reap all those benefits for that I must wake up early and I am willing to make changes to wake up early.

The first thing that I intend to do is when I get back from work I will prepare a to-do list for the morning, I have tried this before but had no success but I am going to try it again, this time the only difference would be I would mentally want it and that truly will make a difference. The other thing that I intend to do is place a note on the phone stating “if you do not wake up early, you will always end up in the same situation”. Through trial and error, everything can be achieved and this is going to be the way I achieve the habitual change i.e. waking up early in the morning.  Everybody is different and has their own stimuli and this is going to be mine and I am going to experiment with different stimuli.

I am going to keep you guys updated so stay tuned and do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments sections.


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