These Wall Paintings Look Amazingly Realistic

Let me ask you guys a question what comes to your mind when I say wall paintings most of you might answer with either nothing or just letter or scribbles in walls but after seeing these wall paintings you will have a different perspective on the term wall paintings.

David Kassan is a visual artist who takes detail and reality to the utmost level when you view his work you will find it hard believe he was the one created them since they appear extremely real which is saying a lot.

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1 How is this even real…?

amazing realistic girl painting

2 Now that is paying attention to the details

amazing realistic man painting

3 It seems so real

amazing realistic teen painting

4 I can barely draw a face….

amazing realistic girl painting

5 The details in the face and hair make it far too real

amazing realistic guy painting


6 The details are vivid

amazing realistic woman painting

7 An art on the wall

amazing realistic old lady painting

8 Those details in the hands

amazing realistic old man painting

9 The details in the hair are far too vivid

amazing realistic girl painting

10 Makes you think

amazing realistic women painting

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